How To Be The Life Of The Party

Learn how to be the life of the party with the latest musical technology.

If you've ever gone to a party and then felt like you just faded into the background then this article is for you.
Now you can be the one setting the tone for all the music and fun. You'll walk right in with the answer in your pocket.

Every party needs a DJ.

How boring is it to just have a few random music tracks that keep playing over and over. Most party goers want to get up and dance to something fun and innovative.

Enter the DJ with his vast array of equipment that takes up a lot of space and requires time before the party to arrange and test.

The DJ plays the music but doesn't get to participate.

It definitely takes skill and a musical ear to mix and play the right music for a great party.
But unless there is more than one DJ-er in the room the music maker must jam by himself and not out on the dance floor with the other party goers.

You bring the latest technology to the party.

Now you get to show your stuff with your pocket DJ system. More than an IPod or mp3 player, you have something that gives you all the professional DJ equipment in one compact hand held device.

You control the sound, quality and mix of the music.

Get up and dance to the music.

Since you're the cool DJ with the mini mixing machine right in your hand you can enjoy dancing with the rest of the crowd.

No more having to stay with the bulky equipment and just watch the party, now you can mix music and participate too.

Now you're the life of the party.

As you control your 2 channels of audio in one window and then drag and slid your tracks to overlap and mix everyone will want to try your new toy.

But don't give away all the nuances of this great technology; you want to stay in control.

Take this new found DJ freedom with you wherever you go. You just never know when a party may break out and you can be the best thing going with your new DJ mixing abilities.

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