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Lil’ Wayne On Safe Sex

Lil' Wayne On Safe Sex
"Safe sex is great sex,
better wear a latex,
cause you don't want that late text,
that 'I think I'm late' text."

Artist: Lil Wayne feat. Kanye WestAlbum: Carter 3Song: Lollipop Remix

While graphic, Lil Wayne shows he's a supporter of safe sex. Once again Wayne demonstrates that his lyrical skills are other worldly. The self proclaimed, "Martian" of hip-hop, knows just how to twist his words to make them have meaning on many while sounding wicked. Really. Take a second to re-read Weezy's line above.

Teen pregnancy is something that has been at the forefront of a few of my conversations recently, so I figured I'd take some time to see what people thought about the topic. To be completely honest, I'm 25 and I could not even imagine life with a child right now. I'm happy to be doing a decent job taking care of myself (not to mention my girlfriend lives with I have to take care of her. Guys you know what I'm talking about…).

I'm just kidding ladies. Anyway, I think teen pregnancy is something the majority of society looks down on. For me, everyone is entitled to live their own lives. Personally, I don't think that teens have been exposed to enough situations to be able handle the responsibilities of having a child. Now, that doesn't mean they won't be good parents. It simply means that at the point in their lives when they are pregnant, they may feel like they're ready for it, but because they haven't been exposed to some of the real responsibilities that accompany adulthood, they simply do not realize what's in store for them. We spend so many years of our lives as adults with responsibilities. I wish that from a young age people would understand this, so that they can choose (or not) to live as many years as a kid as they possibly can.

In the article, Pregnant teens in America today, posted back in November when Sarah Palin announced that her daughter Bristol was pregnant, Marian Wright Edelman wrote about the opportunity to renew Americas interest in the topic. "This renewed focus on teen pregnancy is an opportunity for us all to commit to giving young people our support rather than stigmatizing and judging them. Bristol Palin?s pregnancy serves as a reminder that more babies are born to White, non-Hispanic teens than to Black, non-Hispanic teens. Perhaps this realization will spur more people to support policies that help teens stay in school and get the supports they need since there is often a double standard when pregnant teens are poor or minority. The fact is that no amount of finger pointing or name calling does teenage parents of any color - or their children - any good. What can help are solutions that steer all teenagers toward positive life choices so they avoid becoming pregnant in the first place."

It just seems like getting pregnant is the cool thing to do these days. Whether it's Jamie Lynn Spears getting pregnant at 16, Bristol Palin at 17, or the pregnancy pact of 17 high school girls in Gloucester, Massachusetts, teens today want to be pregnant.

What do you think is causing some of these girls to WANT to get pregnant?

Is it for the attention, is it because they think it's cool because celebrities are doing it, or perhaps simply out of boredom (this last one is really scary)? Thoughts?

I'm hoping that some of these teens stop and think about some of the things they might miss out on before deciding to get pregnant. In order for this to happen, it's going to take people like us to keep this topic in the forefront. It may also take some celebrities to come out and talk about the topic as well. They obviously have a much bigger voice than this blog does at this point. So, whether Weezy knows it or not, or even whether he cares or not (I hope he does), he has a few important attributes which allow his words to impact our youth. He has the reach needed to get a message to young people, he has their admiration, and most of all, he has he ability to deliver his message in a relevant way. By using his 'other worldly' lyrical prowess, he's able to twist words like "latex" and "late text" to make people sit back and say "damn, did you hear that?". At that point, people may stop for just a second to decipher what he's really saying. Perhaps they will decide that if Weezy says I should wear protection, I'm gonna wear protection. Some may laugh when they read this because they don't think kids really listen to anyone, let alone Lil Wayne. I challenge those folks to head down to New Orleans for a few days and ask some of the neighborhood kids if they know who Weezy F Baby is. I think you might be in for a surprise.

It's important to keep the discussion going on this topic. Perhaps one person who reads this blog will think twice before getting pregnant. And if they do get pregnant, hopefully through reading this, they'll at least take some time to really think about their decision and perhaps even do some research before deciding to jump feet first into adulthood.

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